To understand investing better, you’ll have to learn not only from the books written by investors. I have just now obtained this simple knowledge (or rather I have learned it from my older friends). Many discoveries can be made simply by observing life around you.

Earlier I wrote that my…

Marketers have the “consumption spiral” term. Sometimes it’s also called the Diderot effect (after the famous philosopher). The essence of the effect is that the appearance of new things in your home leads to the appearance of other things.

For many years I was an entrepreneur. I built businesses, I…

An occasional reader would probably expect to see photos from the Thai beach in this article. But there will be none. Wasting time sleeping under a palm tree is silly. Of course, I have tried it, but it gets boring after about a week.

Imagine if you had an extra…

When I was a kid, I loved books and movies about sailors and submariners. I loved the safety systems of ships. If a ship has a breach, it doesn’t always lead to its sinkage. It is enough for the sailors to isolate the flooded compartment.

Submarine B-396. Source: personal archive

It’s not like that in…

It’s not a complicated question. Who will retire sooner? Is it the person who has been putting aside $50 every month for the last 10 years or the person who has been saving up $500 every month for the last 3 years? Given that both investors continue to add the…

I have an extremely hard time with my boxing training. The movements of boxers highly contradict our body’s anatomy:

· Short steps

· Strange shoulder movements

· Unusual punch trajectory

I have to spend hours practicing each exercise in front of a mirror. And even experienced boxers have to stand…

Retire at 35

I am Babaykin, a Russian 37y.o. retiree. My capital exceeds $1m. I wrote the book “Retire at 35”. I’ll translate and post articles in my blog.

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